• Instructors

  • Shidoshi Ho Taylor Francis

    San Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt)

    Shidoshi Ho - Taylor Francis, San Dan

    Taylor is a personal student of Joe Rae and began training in 2004, received his Shodan in 2007, and was granted Shidoshi Ho in 2017. His personal approach is to focus on basics with attention on the 18 skills of the Togakure shinobi and emphasizes a reverence for his teacher, the art, and for the sacrifices made that allow the art to survive today. 

  • Shidoshi Joe Rae

    Hachi Dan (8th Degree Black Belt)

    Shidoshi - Joe Rae, Hachi Dan

    Joe Rae began his training in 1993 under Shidoshi Jeff Duncan of the Roanoke Bujinkan Dojo in Roanoke, VA. Since that time Joe has attended numerous seminars, Tai Kai, and two Daikomyosai in Japan. In 2006 Joe was awarded the rank of 6th degree Black Belt while in Japan. Joe has taught a number of seminars on topics such as use of Shuriken (the "Ninja Star"), Metsubushi, and Kukishinden Ryu Sword. He furthers his own training by training in Japan, and attending seminars by people that just returned from Japan. Joe is a current Shidoshi-Kai (Bujinkan Teachers Association) Member.

    Joe is also a small arms instructor for the U.S. Navy and has attended advanced Tracking and Survival classes with Tom Brown Jr. Joe brings this insight into his instruction to "bridge the gap" between historical battlefield techniques, and modern combative strategies.